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We are always #byyourside: patient delivers baby in hospital parking lot with help from Southlake staff

Thursday June 25, 2020

On May 13, a patient and her husband arrived at Southlake. The patient was in labour in the parking lot, and her husband rushed to the East main entrance looking for help.

Cameron, an occupational therapy and physiotherapy assistant, redeployed as a screener, saw that the husband was frantically trying to get someone’s attention. He told Cameron that his wife was in labour and that the baby had already begun to crown. Grabbing some blankets and a wheelchair, Cameron followed the husband back out to the parking lot. When they returned to the patient’s side they discovered the baby had already been born.

Linda and Kelly, two other staff members who had been outside on their breaks, saw the distressed patient in the parking lot and went to her side. Alongside another support person who was accompanying a patient to their appointment, the group assisted in the delivery and care of the newborn baby and care for the mom. Safely in the wheelchair, mom and baby were rushed to the hospital building and were met at the East entrance by our NICU team who took them up to the unit. Both mom and baby are healthy and well.

At Southlake, being #byyourside is a commitment we make to our patients and our community with every decision we make. The courageous and instinctual actions of Cameron, Linda and Kelly are a testament of the care and compassion our staff have for ensuring everyone who enters our doors receives the best care possible. On June 9 and 10, Marianne Beardsall, director of Maternal Child and Surgery programs, Sheena Shannon, manager of Maternal Child, and Stephanie Simson, manager of NICU and Paediatrics, were thrilled to present Cameron, Linda and Kelly with stork pins with thanks for their part in helping to deliver baby and also to keep mom safe.

L-R: Kelly, Sheena, Stephanie, Marianne, Linda

L-R: Cameron, Marianne, Sheena, Stephanie