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Southlake leading the pace in Men’s Health

Tuesday June 22, 2021

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June is Canadian Men’s Health Month. As a urologic surgeon at one of the busiest urology centres in the GTA, the importance of this month resonates with me. At Southlake, we serve both a large, and an aging population, plus we are the urology destination for many people outside our catchment area. Needless to say, our urology operating room and ambulatory suites are busy as we work to diagnose and treat prostate, bladder and kidney cancers, bladder infections, kidney stones, and urinary tract issues. Ensuring our communities have access to the best men’s health care is critical.

Recently Southlake was fortunate to receive funds to purchase two extraordinary pieces of equipment, a new interventional urology workstation and a Holmium laser, both used exclusively in our urology operating room. This is a really exciting development for Southlake and our communities.

The workstation is a state-of-the-art operating table that dramatically modernizes our capabilities. Used during surgical procedures for urological issues, it provides incredible resolution in X-ray (fluoroscopy) and endoscopy and improves patient comfort and safety during delicate procedures. The Holmium laser is used mainly for the treatment of tumours and kidney stones, fragmenting much larger stones in significantly less time. This means less anesthesia for patients and more efficiency in the operating room which helps us to treat more patients and reduce our wait times. Most importantly, it means the men of our communities don’t have to travel to receive their care.

As incredible as these new equipment acquisitions are, the way we were able to fund them is equally as impressive. Caring and generous members of our communities recognized the tremendous value of having leading edge urological care close to home and realized the need for better, more specialized equipment available to Southlake’s clinical urology experts. Under the volunteer leadership of Rick Reininger, we launched our Men’s Health Initiative and set a goal of $1.5M to raise much-needed funds. Rick knew what many in the public don’t; that the Ontario government only provides funding for services offered, not for new or replacement equipment, and he shared this message with his networks to inspire their support.

As a result of his tireless fundraising efforts and our generous donors we raised $1.7M to support men’s health at Southlake. I am excited to say that you won’t find an institution right now with a better urological operating table. To my mind, that also means there is no better place to receive specialized urology care than at Southlake. We are so grateful to Rick for his leadership and to the donors of the Men’s Health Initiative for their support.

Our next goal is to update our inventory of urology scopes. While we know this does not sound as exciting as high-tech operating tables and lasers, with Southlake’s high volume of urological procedures, and scopes used both in the operating room and for therapeutic intervention, there is always an immediate need.

If you would like to contribute to Southlake’s urgent needs like scopes, please donate today.

Dr. Morrie Liquornik
Chief of Surgery
Urologic Surgeon
Southlake Regional Health Centre