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Supporting our front-line heroes

Friday May 1, 2020

  • COVID-19
  • Foundation

May 1st, is Doctor’s Day, and we’re celebrating all of Southlake’s physicians for their tireless work to provide our communities with the best possible care – not only in the face of COVID-19, but all year long. Along with so many others on the front line of care, our doctors are a vital part of our amazing team of healthcare heroes. And today, many of them are spending time away from their families while they work hard to take care of yours.

This Doctor’s Day, we’re letting them know how proud we are to have such dedicated and compassionate physicians as part of Southlake’s Hospital Family. Join us in thanking our physicians this Doctor’s Day with a donation to Southlake’s COVID-19 Action Fund.

As an added bonus, if you donate now you can double your gift! All donations to Southlake’s COVID-19 Action Fund will be matched up to $50,000, thanks to the incredible generosity of an anonymous donor.

 We’d like to thank all of our amazing supporters for everything you continue to do to support us through these challenging times. Whether it’s something as simple as sending a message of support, or as big as organizing a virtual community event to raise funds for Southlake, you are making a difference for Southlake’s front-line team, and the communities we serve.