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A big thank you from us!

Hear from a few of our recent event organizers on what motivated them to fundraise for Southlake. For some it was the best way they could think of to say thank you for the excellent and sometimes life-saving care they, or someone they loved, received. Whatever the motivation—THANK YOU ALL!

  • Carol Leitch is a Human Resources Manager at Edge Benefits, based in Newmarket, which provides flexible, affordable benefits for Canadian small businesses. Over the past twelve years, she says they have raised more than $600,000 for Southlake through their annual golf tournament and other fundraising activities. Read more about Edge Benefits story here.
  • Dino Raponi died at only 29 years old, in a car accident in January 2007. Although crushed, his family decided to do something to continue his legacy. This turned out to be a golf tournament. They continued this tradition annually and decided to donate to several charities for several years. But then Onesima’s husband Tony developed a type of lymphoma in 2009. So they thought it was fitting instead to donate to Southlake’s Stronach Regional Cancer Centre, where he was receiving treatment. Read more about the Raponi family story here
  • Atticus was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in February 2019. The first year was filled with many trips between SickKids and Southlake It was after his induction period, and heading into his maintenance stage, that the idea of Atticus’ Golf Tournament came to fruition. Atticus’ family and friends led the charge to bring awareness and give back where they can. Read more about Atticus’ story here.