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The looks of spring, the gift of hope.

Thursday March 5, 2020

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That’s the central idea behind the Be Beautiful Fashion Show, presented by Oakridge Fashions – a community fundraiser in support of Southlake Foundation’s Women’s Health Initiative.

Runway models will feature some of Southlake’s own female clinicians and leadership staff, including Aurora resident and Anesthesiologist Dr. Kira Tone who was eager to participate.

“I want to show that I stand with my community, with women, and with my hospital. To see people in the community backing Southlake means so much to me. And I’m proud to be participating in this event alongside them.”

Dr. Kira Tone, Southlake Anesthesiologist

Southlake Foundation’s Women’s Health Initiative focuses on bringing the most urgently needed tools, equipment and technology to our hospital to ensure our expert teams are equipped to provide advanced cardiac, breast cancer and gynecological care and treatment.

Among those needs are advanced mammography machines to replace the current equipment at Southlake that is reaching the end of life – and what the funds from the Be Beautiful Fashion Show will support.

With the latest advances in these mammography machines, Southlake’s clinicians will be able to offer patient-assisted compression for the first time. In most cases, this control leads to patient’s compressing more than they would otherwise, which means better image quality with less pain and discomfort. By making patients more comfortable and less anxious, they are more likely to return for their next mammogram – a critical factor in successfully detecting and treating breast cancer.

This truth hits close to home for Deb, who was diagnosed with breast cancer after putting off her own routine mammogram. Fortunately, although it was an aggressive cancer, it was still caught early enough and Deb’s treatment at Southlake was successful. Today, she’s passionate about giving back to the hospital and raising awareness about the current needs at Southlake and their impact on patients like her who need of the best possible care when it comes to early diagnoses and leading edge treatment.

“When you or someone in your family needs care at Southlake, you suddenly realize how important it is that you have the best tools, equipment and medical expertise close to home,” says Deb.

Tickets are limited to the Be Beautiful Fashion Show in support of Southlake Foundation’s Women’s Health Initiative. For more information, contact Oakridge Fashions in Aurora at 905.726.4063.

Click here to learn more about hosting your own event in support of Southlake.