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Southlake@home Guide for health leaders

Tuesday March 3, 2020

In early 2019, Southlake launched Southlake@home, a unique integrated home and community care model – the first of its kind in Ontario. A year later, Southlake@home has helped 265 patients transition home successfully and reduced average ALC-to-home days by more than 12 days.

Unlike most hospital-to-home bundled models, Southlake@home took a population-based approach focused on complex populations at highest risk of becoming ALC. The model redefines how homecare services are integrated, and includes mechanisms to incorporate social, community supports and primary care.

Southlake recently worked with Health Commons Solutions Lab to launch a Southlake@home guide that captures and shares what we learned from our first year in operation as a guidepost for other hospitals or OHTs across the province that are considering similar population-based integrated models of care.

Please click here to view the Southlake@home Guide.