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Parking at Southlake

Southlake has both long-term and short-term parking available at various locations on and near the main hospital campus.

There are three on-site parking areas for patients and visitors at Southlake:

East Parking Lot (P3)

Our east parking lot is located on the southwest corner of Davis Drive and Roxborough Road. It is easily accessible from Roxborough Road, or via the Southlake’s internal roadway from Davis Drive. This parking lot provides easy access to Southlake’s East Building when visiting patients staying overnight at the hospital.

West Parking Garage (P1)

Our west parking lot is located on the southeast corner of Davis Drive and Prospect Street and is accessible from Prospect Street. Parking here will provide easy access to the Stronach Regional Cancer Centre, our West Building, our Emergency Department and Southlake’s Medical Arts Building.

Medical Arts Building (P4)

Patients are encouraged to park on Level 3 of the West Parking Garage and take the pedestrian bridge north across Davis Drive to access Southlake’s Medical Arts Building. This is due to the fact of limited parking being available behind the Medical Arts Building.

Onsite Parking Rates

  • Each 1/2 hour: $5.00
  • Daily maximum: $19.25
Multi-day Parking Rates
  • 5-day HPass $48.00*
  • 10-day HPass: $96.25*
  • 30-day HPass: $150.00*

*Multi-day passes include in-and-out privileges and expire 365 days after the date of purchase

Southlake’s parking partner is Precise ParkLink.

The HPass multi-day parking pass can be purchased from the parking office located on Level 1 of Southlake’s East Building, during regular business hours or online.

5-day and 10-day HPass’ can be purchased from the HPass self serve kiosk, located at the East Main Entrance.

Off-site parking is offered at two additional locations close to Southlake.

The Tannery Mall

Two blocks west of Southlake, 465 Davis Drive, offers to park visitors for a daily maximum of $3.00.

615 Davis Drive

On the north side of Davis Drive just down from Southlake is our 615 Davis Drive parking lot. Two rates are available for visitors: $5.00 for four hours and $10.00 for eight hours.

Please note, off-site lots are privately owned and rates are subject to change without notice. Parking passes are not transferable.

Short-term Parking

Short-term parking is available for individuals who wish only to drop a patient off at Southlake’s Emergency, or are confident that the time they will spend at the hospital will be less than two hours. These 20 short-term spaces are available in front of Emergency with an additional 34 spots on the Ground Level of the West Parking Garage.

Visitors will need to purchase and display a “Pay and Display” ticket to park in these locations. Pay stations are available at each parking location.

Parking spaces for persons with disabilities are located in all visitors’ parking lots, on each level of the parking garage, and in front of the Emergency Department. An Accessible Parking Permit is required to park in these spaces.

Before you can exit the parking lot, you will need to take your parking ticket to one of Southlake’s pay stations. They are located at the:

  • East Building main entrance
  • Inside Emergency
  • Ground floor and Level P2 of the Parking Garage
  • Along the bridge spanning Davis Drive
  • Visitor’s parking lot

Parking Pay Station machines are available in all lots. These machines accept cash or any major credit card only.

If you have any difficulty using the system, simply press the intercom button located at the entrance gates and a member of our parking team will be ready to assist you.

Click here to watch a video clip that llustrates how to use the payment machines for long-term parking on-site at Southlake.



East Building, Level 1


Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Saturday and Sunday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Closed on statutory holidays

Parking Manager will be onsite Monday to Friday 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Hospitals are mandated to use parking fees as a revenue source to supplement government funding. Parking revenues help us provide the community with programs and services. In 2016, the government passed mandatory regulation to ensure hospital parking is more affordable for patients and visitors. Southlake Regional Health Centre has implemented these policies. Revenue generated from parking is used to supplement government funding for vital programs and services at the hospital.

Complimentary parking is available to veterans who are personally receiving care at Southlake with a valid CF1FC Card.

Veterans may request a Complementary Parking Voucher upon registration at any one of the hospital’s Welcome Centres (located in the East, West, Emergency and Medical Arts Building) and must visit the Parking Office before they leave the hospital to have their parking ticket validated (the complimentary voucher, in combination with the CF1FC card, is necessary to have parking validated).