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What We Do

About Southlake Regional Health Centre Foundation:

Since the inception of Southlake Foundation in 1980, more than $213 million dollars has been raised in support of Southlake Regional Health Centre. Working with members of the community, hundreds of volunteers, the Southlake Family and our incredible donors, Southlake Foundation will continue to support life-saving medical equipment, infrastructure upgrades and expansions, patient programs and staff education, all for the goal of providing leading-edge care for patients and families, close to home.


Our Mission:

Inspiring investment in Southlake’s future.

From ground-breaking procedures and innovative uses of technology, to a commitment to the best in patient care, the future of Southlake is bright and you can be part of it.


Our Vision:

Be the leader in transformative philanthropy.

At Southlake Foundation, we fundraise with one goal in mind: supporting our leading edge hospital and the communities it serves. As our community grows and changes, our hospital and our Foundation fundraising goals grow too — always looking forward to ensure that we are serving our current and future patients best. Our donors are our partners, helping us through their investments to build healthy communities and help shape the future of health care.


The values that drive us…


We keep the promises we make; we do what we say we will do; we tell the truth; we are open and transparent; we hold ourselves accountable for the trust and responsibilities we have been given; we are wise stewards of all the resources that have been entrusted to us.


We embrace diversity and difference; we listen to and respect each individual and the ideas, feelings, and perspectives they have; we include and consult with others when solving problems, making decisions, and planning; we coordinate plans; we encourage and support the contributions of others; we achieve common goals together.


We are open to change; we look for new challenges and better ways of doing things; we explore, experiment, and test; we learn; we continuously improve; we do quality work that is seen to set new standards; we initiate change; we excel.