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Medical Leadership

Physician Chiefs

Charmaine van Schaik, MD

Chief of Staff

Dr. Charmaine van Schaik trained in Paediatrics at McMaster University, after completing a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Psychology and Master’s of Science in Kinesiology. Since joining Southlake in 2004, Charmaine has acted as a Physician Leader at Southlake in multiple capacities, as well as the previous Chief of Paediatrics and Medical Director of the Paediatric Oncology Group of Ontario (POGO) Satellite Clinic when it launched at Southlake in 2009.  More recently, Charmaine served on the Southlake’s COVID-19 Clinical Advisory Panel (CCAP) and is the Co-Medical Lead for Southlake’s COVID-19 Vaccination Committee, where she was instrumental in promoting community awareness through regular appearances in local media.

Charmaine advises Ontario’s Ministry of Health on pediatric cancer care as the Vice Chair of the Board of Directors at POGO and is a Lecturer with the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Toronto.

Charmaine is also a very proud mother of five children.

Terence Ip, MD

Chief of Anesthesiology (Interim)

Christopher Overgaard, MD

Chief of Cardiac Health

David Srour, MD

Chief of Complex Medical Rehabilitation

Philip Buckler, MD

Chief of Diagnostic Imaging

Gaurav Puri, MD

Chief of Emergency Medicine

Mina Moussa, MD

Chief of Family & Community Medicine

Syed Kazimi, MD

Chief of Laboratory Medicine

Shahzad Qureshi, MD

Chief of Medicine

David Rouselle, MD

Chief of Obstetrics

Arif Manji, MD

Chief of Paediatrics

Mahdi Memarpour, MD

Chief of Psychiatry

Sara Temple, MD

Chief of Surgery
Physician Leaders

David Makary, MD

Vice President, Medical Affairs

David Makary, MD joined Southlake in 2012 as an Associate Staff Physician and has served in several Southlake departments, including: Emergency, Paediatric and General Internal Medicine.

During his time at Southlake, David has served as Chief of the Department of Family and Community Medicine, Primary Care Lead and Co-Chair of the Executive Steering Committee for the Northern York South Simcoe Ontario Health Team (OHT). He also has experience in quality improvement through his work establishing and growing the Southlake Academic Family Health Team’s Quality Improvement Plan. David is also a Lecturer for the University of Toronto’s Department of Family and Community Medicine.

Peter Anglin, MD

Physician Leader, Regional Cancer Program

Charles Peniston, MD

Physician Leader, Regional Cardiac Program (Interim)

Eddie Chan, MD

Physician Leader, Emergency Medicine Program

David Srour, MD

Physician Leader, Medicine Programs

Peter Watt, MD

Physician Leader, Maternal Child Program (Interim)

John Randle, MD

Physician Leader, Surgical Program