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Doctors Taking New Patients

Meeting the changing needs of our growing communities includes having the convenience of selecting your own family physician. As Southlake works towards recruiting more medical professionals, there continues to be a shortage of family physicians taking new patients. To help with this ongoing need Southlake offers a Fast Track Service through our Emergency Department and a Prenatal Clinic through our Maternal Child Program. These services enable community residents to obtain necessary medical attention until such time as they are able to find a family physician..

For further information on how to obtain a family healthcare provider, please call 1-800-445-1822 for assistance, or visit

Specialty Physicians

For information on physicians with privileges at Southlake, and or their specialties, visit The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario Website.

Doctors Taking New Patients

Appletree Medical Centre

9625 Yonge Street
Richmond Hill, ON, L4C 4T2
T: 647-722-2370
F: 416-367-4301

Dr. Aaron Pellow

404 Health Centre
1111 Davis Drive, Unit 46
Newmarket, ON, L3Y8X2
T: 905-868-8330
F: 905-868-8332

Dr. Afshin Jafarian

Aria Medical Clinic
300 Wellington St. East, Unit 2
Aurora, ON, L4G 1J5

Dr. George Botrous

Atlas Medical Clinic
1383 16th Avenue,
Richmond Hill, ON L4B 0E2
T: 905-918-3560
F: 905-669-8646

Dr. Tim Nicholas

15017 Yonge Street,
Aurora, ON, L4G 1M5
T: 905-727-9447

Dr. Ashfique Adlul

Aurora Medical Clinic
302-372 Hollandview Trail,
Aurora, ON, L4G 0A5
T: 905-503-4001
F: 905-503-5006

Dr. Flora Wang

Bayview North Medical Centre
446 Hollandview Trail, Unit 6, Aurora, ON L4G 7Z9
T: 905-751-1642
F: 905-751-0385

Dr. Stephen Yee

Davis Drive Medical Clinic
291 Davis Drive,
Newmarket, ON, L3Y 2N6
T: 905-836-6609
F: 905-830-0483

Dr. Wisam Jaber & Dr. Nermeen Youssef

Enhanced Care Clinic
14872 Yonge St, Aurora, ON, L4G 1N2
T: 905-505-0950
F: 905-841-9404

Dr. Shaimard Hussain

Enhanced Care Clinic
34 Main St. W, Beeton, ON, L0G 1A0
T: 905-729-0412
F: 905-748-0266

Dr. Amit Upadhyay

15017 Yonge Street, Suite 201
Aurora, ON, L4G 1M5
T: 905-727-4241
F: 905-727-4288

Dr. Qatar Nabi & Marjorie Walters, NP

Family Medicine & Walk-In Clinic
198 Church Street,
Keswick, ON L4P 1J7
T: 905-535-5556
F: 905-535-5558

Dr. Samantha Matin & Dr. Kimberly Sutton

Georgina Family Health Ltd
234 Dovedale Drive
Keswick, ON, L4P 0H3
T: 905-476-3775
F: 905-476-3778

Dr. Vic Modi

Georgina Health Centre
716 The Queensway South,
Keswick, ON, L4P 4C9
T: 905-535-6000
F: 905-535-1429

Dr. Bahran Sarang

Georgina Health Centre
45 Grist Mill, Unit 3
Holland Landing, ON, L9N 1M7
T: 905-535-2345
F: 905-235-7077

Dr. Nilany Somasundaram

King Clinic Inc.
Box 370/20 Doctor’s Lane
King City, ON, L7B 1A6
T: 905-833-5381

Dr. M. Moussa & Dr. Michael Rofeal

Sharon Medical Clinic
19101 Leslie St. Unit 3,
Sharon, ON L0G 1VO
T: 905-478-1300
F: 905-478-1303

Dr. Natasha Stribbel & Dr. Pin Chung & Dr. Shannon Davidson

Woodbine Medical Centre
76 Arlington Dr. Building B, Unit 9
Keswick, ON, L4P 0A9
T: 905-476-0308
F: 855-314-4866