Families and Babies

Welcome to Families and Babies

At Southlake, we want your birthing experience to be exactly what you and your family have imagined it to be. During your stay at Southlake our highly skilled Families and Babies team will work together to care for you, your baby and your family. Our team is passionate about helping you build a healthy family by providing the best possible care at all times. Always with compassion and respect for individual needs.

Please Note: If your family and friends are ill, or have been in contact with an infectious disease, they are asked not to visit Southlake. We welcome visits from siblings provided the children are well and have not recently been in contact with an infectious disease.

Visiting families for information on resources available to you during your hospital visit (e.g. parking, what to bring, discharge times and other helpful information) please refer to the Preparing for Care section on this website.

Please follow this link so we can start you on your Families and Babies journey.