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Drug Health Drug Repository (DHDR)

Drug Health Drug Repository (DHDR) is a secure, provincial drug database that provides access to information about the publicly funded drugs and pharmacy services and all monitored drugs you receive. Access is restricted to those that are directly involved with your care (e.g. physicians, nurse practitioners and pharmacists). For more information, go to the Ontario Health website.

Southlake is allowed access for authorized reasons as this will assist your health care providers make more informed decisions about the care you need and enable the completion of the Best Possible Medication History. This is accessed manually by authorized individuals or automatically retrieved as a result of registration. Please click here for details around how we are keeping you safe with the Southlake Best Possible Medication History initiative.


Consent Directives:

You have the right to block access to your personal health record in the viewer by placing a consent directive (often referred to as a lock-box). It is best to discuss the implications of placing a consent directive with a member of your healthcare team. Please note that a consent directive may be overridden with your express consent, or in other circumstances permitted by law. Consent directives on your hospital record can be initiated by contacting at Southlake in the Health Information Services Department. If you want to place a consent direction on the Drug Health Drug Repository, you need to contact eHealth Ontario at 1-866-250-1554 or from the following Ministry of Health website.


Access and Correction:

You have the right to request copies of your health records contained in the viewer or request that your record be corrected if you believe it contains an error. Please contact our Health Information Services Department if your request relates to information about a previous visit to Southlake. For all other access or correction requests in the EHR, please refer to the eHealth Ontario website here.