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Discharge Services

Arriving home safe and sound is an important part of your discharge planning at Southlake. Whether your time here has been long or short, or through our Emergency Department, it is the responsibility of the patient to plan and pay for your trip home.

Once discharged, it is common for a family member to pick up their loved one and drive them home. There are occasions where patients will need to include other arrangements in their discharge planning, such as a taxi or CHATS Home at Last program. You will need to contact CHATS directly to arrange this service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Southlake has partnered with the North York South Simcoe Ontario Health Team to support caregivers during a transition in care. To learn more about your journey as a caregiver, and services offered during a transition in care or service, please click here.

Southlake partners with CHATS and their Home at Last program in order to provide our patients with a smooth transition from hospital to home. To learn more about what CHATS has to offer please call 1-877-452-4287, or email them at seniorshelp@chats.on.ca

For more information about billing please follow this link to our Billings page.

Improving the patient experience is crucial towards improving the overall quality of care at Southlake. Please follow this link to our Office of Patient Experience for further information on how to provide your important feedback.

Going home should be a comfortable transition once you leave Southlake. To ensure this happens we ask our patients and families to follow these planning instructions:

  • Be available to receive necessary instructions for you or your family member’s care prior to discharge.
  • Inform your care team if there are circumstances which may delay you getting picked up.
  • If a family member or loved one is picking you up, have them be available during the day — preferably in the morning — to take you home.
  • Provide the necessary clothing to be worn at the time of discharge.
  • Pack, remove and transport all your personal belongings.
  • Fill your prescriptions for medications prior to your discharge. For your convenience, Centric Health Pharmacy is located next to the East Entrance and an automated pharmacy kiosk is available 24/7 in the Emergency Department waiting area.
  • Work with your care team on making sure the necessary equipment or modifications are delivered and completed at your home.
  • In the case of an infant, or small child, have a certified car seat available at the time of discharge.

Your care team will provide you with specific instructions to follow once you leave the hospital. These instructions may include prescriptions for medication and follow-up appointment information. If you have not received any follow-up instructions, or have any questions about them, please ask someone from your care team to help before you leave Southlake.

If you are discharged to another hospital or healthcare facility, your care team will look after your transition to your new destination.

Discharge time at Southlake is 10 a.m.