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Impact Reports

Facing every urgent need together.

By our side: Facing every urgent need together 

When those you love need medical care, you know it’s close to home. Southlake is there for more than 1.5 million people in communities across York Region, South Simcoe County, and as far north as Muskoka. And last year, you were there for Southlake. On behalf of every one of us: thank you.

Seeing you rally together with shared passion and purpose brought light to some of our darkest moments. Our hospital is on the front line of more than just a pandemic. We’re there when a newborn needs extra neonatal attention to go home healthy. We’re on the front lines of cardiac care and cancer treatment. 

Whether in our Emergency Department, our top-ranked Regional Cancer Program, the cornerstone Surgical Program or our leading edge Diagnostics team, the speed and flexibility with which we can deliver care is due to you. Your trust in us means that we can move decisively to replace and upgrade critical equipment without compromising care. In a year when disruption was the norm, this made the difference to countless people in our communities.

Across Southlake, you helped us meet our highest priorities, giving teams the right tools and the right space to do their best work at the moment it’s needed most. And beyond just ensuring that our teams have those tools, your support lets us look ahead to the next generation of medical technology and help secure the talented people eager to work on the leading edge.

As you know, donor support is always vital. But 2020 put that support to the test. Through economic uncertainty and stress, our communities rose to the challenge. 

These Impact Reports provide snapshots of just some of the ways you helped change – and save – lives this past year.



Dr. Steven Beatty headshotA personal message of thanks from the front line

“The equipment you helped provide could not have come at more critical time. It allowed us to not only respond rapidly to overwhelming demands, but secure the innovative technology that keeps us on the leading edge and makes our hospital a home for exceptional talent. With you by our side, we’ll continue to be able to react to unforeseen challenges like a pandemic, as well as the changes we see on the horizon from our communities’ rapid growth. We cannot thank you enough for all your support.”

— DR. STEVEN BEATTY, Chief of Staff, Southlake Regional Health Centre