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Ontario trusted account at Southlake

Ontario trusted account at Southlake

Patients at Southlake are among the first in the province to access their health information through their Ontario trusted account, a secure patient digital identity service on the Southlake Health Navigator mobile app.

Ontario trusted account is connected with the following services, with more to come:

Frequently Asked Questions

The Southlake Health Navigator is a mobile app and a virtual ‘front-door’ to health information and services for citizens and patients in the area. This digital platform is an important step in transforming and streamlining how patients and families discover, navigate, and access health information and virtual care services.  

New information and integrated digital health services will be provided on the Navigator over time, so we encourage users to regularly check it out.

Our patients and their families have told us that they lack control of their health journey, including awareness and access to health information and services. Further, we have heard that some patients are frustrated with the number of patient portals, health apps, and other digital tools that exist in isolation and require separate usernames/passwords. 

In partnership with patient and family advisors, Southlake designed and prioritized content for the Navigator, which aims to facilitate seamless access to relevant health services and information provided by Southlake and its community partners. Through capabilities afforded through the Ontario trusted account, patients can create their digital identity and use this to seamlessly and securely access health services and their personal health information that requires a high-level of identity assurance. 

The privacy and security of your personal health information is important and Southlake takes this seriously. Like our other digital systems and procedures, the Navigator is subject to, comply with, and is guided by, the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA) of Ontario. Southlake has assessed the risk of the Navigator app, the third-party services contained within it, and the vendor (IDENTOS Inc.) that provides the service. While strong physical, technical and administrative safeguards have been put in place to protect the privacy and security of your health information, any form of web-based technology inherently introduces riskTherefore, we encourage all users to adopt best practices and review the Navigator Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.  

Yes, access to our Patient Connect portal will remain as isthat is, patients can access Patient Connect through traditional means (i.e., via web portal or mHealth app) or through the Navigator app. In a future release of the Navigator app, patients will be able to use their Ontario trusted account to seamlessly access Patient Connect eliminating the need to remember your Patient Connect credentials (username/password).