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Giving Patients Their Voice Back

Monday July 22, 2019

  • Surgery

The Laryngoplasty procedure is giving patients their voice back – one injection at a time.

For patients with paralyzed vocal cords, it can be difficult or impossible to communicate with their friends and loved ones. Until now, the remedy for this condition has been invasive surgery. The laryngoplasty procedure avoids anaesthesia, prolonged hospital stays, and lengthy recovery periods. It is an injection that results in the cords being able to touch each other again and produce sound. Patients can walk in to the appointment, and walk out of the hospital within an hour, with almost immediate results.

In some circumstances, the laryngoplasty procedure can give terminally ill patients who would be otherwise too frail for a surgical procedure their voice back, allowing some patients the ability to communicate freely with their loved ones in their final days and weeks.