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A message from Southlake’s Board Chair and Past Chair

Wednesday July 5, 2023

We hope this message finds you all well. Today, we are writing to let you know that Arden Krystal, Southlake’s President and CEO, has shared with the Board of Directors her intention to retire in early 2024. Given the time required to recruit a new CEO, we are announcing this now so that the search process can begin immediately. In the meantime, we know Arden is excited to continue to lead the organization as we drive progress on numerous important initiatives, including our ongoing clinical recovery, the exciting redevelopment project, and our focus on people.

First and foremost, on behalf of the Board, we would like to share our sincere thanks and appreciation to Arden for her stellar leadership and countless contributions since she came to Southlake in 2017. It is no secret that the communities we serve, among the fastest growing and aging in Ontario, have dramatically outgrown our facilities. Arden’s focus on attracting the resources we need to be successful has led to the addition of 117 more beds (a 28% increase), a $156M increase in our annual funding (40% increase), and, most importantly, 21% more dedicated staff (nearly 700 additional people).

We could go on as there are many more accomplishments under Arden’s leadership, but we will save those for a later date as she still has many more months at the helm.

In the coming weeks, the Board will commence a comprehensive national search for our next President and CEO to build on Arden’s legacy and lead Southlake in the next phase of our journey.

We want to thank you all for your ongoing dedication to the communities we serve. Your expertise and commitment to our purpose at Southlake – to build healthy communities through outstanding care, innovative partnerships and amazing people – is truly inspiring.