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‘Each and every team member’ at Southlake recognized with Power of Many Award

Thursday November 18, 2021

Every year Southlake holds an annual awards ceremony to recognize team members for their dedication to the organization and commitment to caring for their community.

At Southlake, one of our strategic goals is to create an environment where the best experiences happen, and each day nearly 4,000 staff and physicians help bring that goal to life.

A number of awards are given out each year, including special awards that are named after each of our Southlake organizational values. With so many amazing Southlake team members nominated, in the past the selection committee has faced challenges in picking just one winner.

That was not the case this year, as a nomination was submitted on behalf all staff and physicians at Southlake. Southlake was thrilled to announce that the “Power of Many” award was given collectively to all staff and physicians at Southlake this year.

“On behalf of Southlake’s board, I am so pleased that everyone at Southlake can collectively receive this award,” said Patrick Horgan, chair of Southlake’s board of directors. “Despite the extraordinary uncertainty brought about by a once-in-a-century pandemic, the staff and physicians of Southlake consistently rose to the challenge and delivered a response that our communities will be proud of for generations to come.”

“At Southlake we pride ourselves on being ‘by your side’ and never has this been more true than throughout the pandemic,” said Arden Krystal, president and CEO of Southlake. “Each and every team member at Southlake can be proud of the role they played and the difference they made.”

“Staff and physicians from every corner of our organization pulled together and found new ways to partner with colleagues from across the hospital and across the health-care system,” said Dr. Steve Beatty, chief of staff at Southlake. “They defined new ways to collaborate which will serve our communities well into the future. Everyone at Southlake is deserving of this award.”

Click here to watch the Power of Many video.