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Southlake celebrates World Cancer Day with the arrival of the first Elekta Harmony LINAC in Canada

Sunday February 4, 2024

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New Linear Accelerator made possible thanks to generous donors through HERE is Where Cancer Meets its Match campaign

Southlake Regional Health Centre is pleased to announce that the first Elekta Harmony Linear Accelerator (LINAC) in Canada has arrived at Southlake and is currently being installed in the Stronach Regional Cancer Centre.

The Elekta Harmony LINAC is the newest model of radiation treatment machines that customize high energy x-rays or electrons to conform to a tumour’s shape and destroy cancer cells while sparing surrounding normal tissue. This new advanced technology will begin serving patients later this year and will allow for improved efficiency in the setup and delivery of radiation treatment, enabling Southlake to treat an additional 7,000 patients annually.

“We are thrilled to be installing the first Elekta Harmony LINAC in Canada at Southlake to improve cancer care in the communities we serve,” said Derek McNally, Executive Vice President, Clinical Services, Southlake, and Regional Vice President, Central Regional Cancer Program. “Thanks to the support of our community, we can continue to ensure Southlake has the best tools and technology in the hands of our staff and medical staff to enable the delivery of high-quality, leading edge care.”

The new LINAC was made possible thanks to the generous support of donors to Southlake Foundation’s $20 million HERE is Where Cancer Meets its Match campaign. Launched in 2021, the campaign will expand healing spaces, acquire the latest technology to keep pace with advances in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, and grow the Stronach Regional Cancer Centre’s capacity to address the increased demand for cancer care caused by a rapidly expanding and aging population. A generous outpouring of community support means that Southlake has raised over $17.2 million of our $20 million campaign goal, enabling the hospital to bring the first Elekta Harmony LINAC to patients in York Region and South Simcoe, as well as other site and technology improvements, including the addition of the first PET-CT scanner in September 2023.

“The impact of what is being accomplished through the generosity of our donors is being felt throughout Stronach Regional Cancer Centre, and by the thousands of patients who depend on us for advanced cancer treatment, close to home,” said Jennifer Ritter, President and CEO of Southlake Foundation. “I want to thank donors like Magna International and the Powell Group of Companies for their early philanthropic support of this campaign that has enabled us to make progress on key projects quickly and inspired investment throughout our community. Without leadership donors like these caring organizations, or the thousands of individuals who have donated to this campaign, in tribute of a loved one who received care here, or to express gratitude to our amazing cancer centre teams, we would not be making this kind of progress. We are filled with gratitude.”

The Elekta Harmony LINAC joins Southlake’s existing four LINAC machines (two of which were upgraded through the HERE is Where Cancer Meets its Match Campaign). The Elekta Harmony LINAC uses smart technology to enhance efficiency and deliver high-quality, safe treatment. Southlake will be the first centre in North America to have the facial recognition feature installed, which confirms the identity of each patient, and automatically opens the patient’s chart to display the correct setup instructions associated with their treatment, an additional quality and safety measure.

For more information about the HERE is Where Cancer Meets its Match campaign, or to make a donation, visit: southlake.ca/HERE.


“The arrival of this emerging technology at Southlake is the result of extensive collaboration and a testament to the hard work of the capital development team who lead the design, construction, and installation for the project.”

  • John Marshman, Vice President, Capital, Facilities and Business Development

“This state-of-the-art technology will enable us to serve an additional 7,000 patients annually and will make a big difference in the lives of our patients who will continue to be able to receive advanced radiation care close to home. This is an essential support for our patients and communities.”

  • Lorrie Reynolds, Director, Central Regional Cancer Program, Stronach Regional Cancer Centre.

“The Elektra Harmony LINAC has a redesigned interface with the focus of making the workflow intuitive and efficient for staff use. This will allow Southlake’s skilled radiation therapists to deliver extremely precise, high doses of radiation to cancer cells while minimizing damage to healthy tissue.”

  • Woodrow Wells, Regional Lead, Radiation Medicine, Central Regional Cancer Program.