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Southlake releases consultation summary as CEO recruitment continues

Monday October 23, 2023

Results outline desire for a collaborative leader to build on team culture and advocate for excellence

Following an extensive internal and external review, Southlake is proud to release a summary consultation report outlining results on how the hospital’s next President and CEO should work to shape the future of care.

“We’d like to thank everyone for sharing their thoughts on the future of healthcare and how Southlake’s next CEO should support our communities’ needs,” said Marilee Harris, Board Chair. “It’s uplifting to have heard the shared optimism and willingness to collaborate to keep Southlake on a path of ongoing success.”

Over a three week period, members of Southlake’s CEO Search Committee undertook a thorough internal and external consultation by meeting with more than 100 team members, including members of the hospital’s Medical Staff Association, Nursing Council, Leadership Team and more, to help inform the recruitment process. Southlake Foundation leadership, Board members, and Philanthropy Cabinet members were also consulted, along with members of the Southlake Community Ontario Health Team. A public survey garnered more than 120 responses from across the hospital’s catchment area.

Overall, four thematic character traits resonated throughout the consultation:

  • Advocate for Excellence
  • Collaborative Team Leader
  • Visionary with Innovative Ideas
  • Culture Connoisseur

Each theme is outlined in the summary report providing an overview of respondent’s feedback. All comments were generalized and provided on a not-for attribution basis in order to maintain respondent confidentiality.

“It has been our goal from the beginning to undertake a comprehensive and thoughtful recruitment process,” said Diana Brouwer, Vice Chair. “This information serves a dual purpose by helping to inform the recruitment process, while supporting the new CEO to understand the needs of the team they will lead.”

More than 100 applications of interest were received to fill the CEO position. Southlake’s Board of Directors will continue to work with Boyden Executive Search and look forward to announcing our next President and CEO in the coming weeks.