Visiting Hours

Create an environment where the best experiences happen.

Through relentless dedication to the best patient experience, Southlake is pleased to provide open visiting hours that support more patient and care provider planning.

As part of preparing for your care, your care provider will work with you and your family on what times are best for visiting.

We strongly believe by reducing anxiety often associated with hospital visitation restrictions, families will help Southlake deliver a culture of exemplary care.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Your health team will partner with you and your family to decide the visiting hours best to meet your individual needs. This planning will also assure the safety of patients, other visitors and Southlake staff are met.

Children are most welcome but must be supervised by an adult who is not the patient. We ask that they remain with the adult who is supervising them with the ability to monitor the child’s behaviour.

Absolutely! Our patients will be the ones to define their “family” and how and when they will be involved in their care.

No. Other programs such as the Adult Mental Health Inpatient Unit and Wellness Area, NICU, Postpartum visits and infants staying with admitted mothers have individual visitation policies.

We believe it is important for our patients to have the support of family and friends when receiving care at Southlake. Each individual has unique needs that will benefit from the inclusion of loved ones during their care.