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Mike’s Story

When Mike suddenly experienced crippling pain in his hip, he knew something was terribly wrong.

His cartilage had deteriorated so much that his hip was rubbing directly against its own socket, bone on bone. He was only 55 years old, and fearing lifelong immobility.

He was referred to Southlake, where Dr. Patrick Gamble was among the first in the GTA to do what’s called an Anterior Hip Replacement. This minimally-invasive approach, made possible by donor support of specialized equipment, splits the muscle to replace the hip. For patients like Mike, it means smaller incisions, less pain, and faster recovery.


Instead of spending four or five days in the hospital, I was home the same day. I was walking within six hours and taking the stairs in just two days. I am doing everything I love again without the pain. I have my life back.


Thanks to Southlake and donors like you, Mike is now able to do what’s most important to him: play with his grandsons, be independent, and play sports like golf and hockey. In June, Mike participated in his first duathlon since the surgery – a combined 9 km of running and 30 km of cycling! Mike, excited to be back to his active lifestyle says this was the real moment of “proof that it worked!”

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